Dream Worlds

Dream Worlds, for violin and fixed media, begins with an ethereal sound world that is minimalistic in character. The motif of A-A-F is passed between the violin and its counterpart – the “good” dream. This dream is simple, pleasant on the ears, brimming with happiness and hope. Unfortunately, dreams like this do not last forever, and it fades away into an unknown world, with small remnants of the “good” dream. Suddenly, the character of the violin changes from angelic to demonic – the “bad” dream. There’s little direction and random melodies. One might even be able to hear the “good” dream motif transformed into A-A-G#. Then, the chiming of a bell signals that it is soon time to wake up. The violin slows down, and we hear the “good” dream motif once again. However, it’s too late proceed to this dream again – it’s time to wake up.

Jonathan Fenwick, violin