Flower Power

Flower Power is an interactive, sonic flower garden comprised of 12 differently colored wire flowers. The flowers are handmade out of wood glue, nail polish, and wire.

Using the Bare Conductive board, these flowers are made into touch sensors. The whole garden acts upon capacitive touch. When the user touches a flower, a corresponding sound is triggered via Max, a visual programming language.

The corresponding sounds are inspired by cute-sy, child-like voices one would hear in anime or a cartoon. The vibrant colors of the flowers are intended to give off an “Alice in Wonderland” type of feel.
There are two modes of playing for this garden:

Mode 1 - Each flower is a note in the chromatic scale.
Mode 2 - One row of flowers are notes in the C major scale. The other row is comprised of indistinguishable voices, where it seems like the flowers are talking to you. Every so often, sounds of wind and water can be heard in the background, blending reality with the surreal.

The garden was built to be accessible for children and adults who might not have had prior musical training. Users are invited to interact with the garden and compose their own tiny pieces when playing with it.