Skyscapes // The Night Shines For You

The night sky
looks good on you.

Skyscapes // The Night Shines For You was composed for IRIS, or InfraRed Instrument of Stars, a dodecahedron-shaped instrument based on children’s star lamps. A simple melody and accompanying texture seeks to bring a sense of wonder and whimsy into the performance.

IRIS has twenty infrared proximity sensors that are installed onto its panels. Each side has two sensors and features a laser-cut constellation map. The lights inside IRIS allow it to project its constellations onto the walls of the performance space.

Wekinator, a machine learning software by Rebecca Fiebrink, was used to map the sensor data. It learns to recognize certain hand positions around IRIS, which are then mapped to specific sounds in the Max patch.

IRIS is fairly accurate at recognizing hand positions, but sometimes it acts on its own accord. Ultimately, IRIS creates an immersive visual and auditory experience for both the performer and the audience.