Sonatas and Partitas for Theremin

Sonatas and Partitas for Theremin was written for violin, theremin, Max/MSP, and TouchOSC. It features the violin and the theremin in a duet of excerpts from Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Violin. The violin remains completely acoustic to show the contrasts between old and new. The two instruments echo each other as the music progresses. The listener will hear the violin play a Bach excerpt, and the theremin will mirror that with something that “sounds like Bach” but goes way beyond what the violin is capable of. However, sections of Bach morph into free improvisation, which show the extended techniques of the violin and include the theremin controlling FM and granular synthesis. Also, the theremin will be playing samples of different sounds made by the violin. Ultimately, this piece shows that what’s “old” can be renewed again and again for newer audiences to love.